Fall Leaf Collection Program

The New Hope Borough Department of Public Works conducts an annual fall leaf collection program on Wednesdays. 

The 2019 leaf collection program will run each Wednesday from October 9 to December 4.


  • All leaves must be placed in plastic or paper bags. Leaves that are not bagged will not be collected.
  • Bags must be tied and placed at the curb for collection. 
  • Leaves will only be collected from public roads (does not include private HOA's).
  • Property owners should ensure bags are not placed in the street and especially that they are not blocking storm water basins or drainage-ways.

Residents who leave out leaves in paper, recyclable bags, have the option to collect the  saved leaf bags from the Borough Admin Building to re-use.

For additional information, please contact Tom Carroll, the Borough's Director of Public Works, at 215-862-3031. Check out this information for some great, environmentally-friendly alternative ideas to manages leaves on our Leaf Waste document (PDF).