Introducing Junior Council!


What is Junior Council?

Bucks County's first ever Junior Council is a collection of students from New Hope-Solebury High School that work together to improve aspects of the local community. They hold monthly meetings at the New Hope Borough Town Hall that are open to the public. The students are currently working to pass a piece of legislation that reduces carbon footprint in the community.

What's our Goal?

To eliminate all single-use plastics in the borough.

Meeting Date/Time:

3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 PM, before the NH Borough Council Meetings.


  • Straws
    • Reducing plastic straw use in our school and in the community
    • Moving towards alternative straw products/materials
  • Recycling
    • Promoting more recycling within the New Hope Borough
  • Green Stamp
    • Working towards getting local shops and restaurants to use eco-friendly bags

Members of 2018 Junior Council


Top left: Laurie McHugh, Stephen Prager, Maximilian Chuma, and Benjamin Dupont.
Bottom left: Larissa Borys, Chloe Miller, Bernadette Del Prado, Kaylee Tao, Kayla Paul-Koch, Maryna Chuma, and Alison Kingsley.