Borough Managed Parks

New Hope Borough manages several parks, with the Parks & Recreation Board taking the lead on planning and maintenance for the facilities. Our parks, sprinkled throughout the Borough (see map at right), provide scenic views, quiet shade, and picnic-perfect settings during a stroll through New Hope. 

East Randolph Street Pocket Park

Randolph Park Opens in new windowLocated at the end of East Randolph Street

A perfect quiet pocket park, tucked in at the end of East Randolph Street on the Delaware River.

Lenape Park

Lenape Park Opens in new windowLocated at the intersection of Stockton and West Ferry streets.

Lenape Park is a perfect spot for lunch, catching a summer breeze or lounging in the shade. It showcases a manmade babbling water feature and gazebo, with plenty of benches tucked in to quiet corners. A great vantage point to watch the New Hope-Ivyland train.

Ferry Landing Park

Ferry LandingLocated at the end of East Ferry Street

This historically-certified park stands on the location of Coryell's ferry, a commercial hub that played a critical role in the Revolutionary War. Benches overlook the Delaware River, providing scenic views of the opposite shore, water fowl and boats. 

The Green Roof Park

Green Roof Park Opens in new windowLocated at 125 New Street

Built on the south side of the Borough Community Room, the Green Roof offers patio tables, chairs, and plenty of native plants and trees. Part of the Borough's commitment to the environment, this green roof is a foundation of soil, compost, plants, and an irrigation system that covers a building's roof to provide insulation to the building while helping control storm water runoff. 

Parks Map