Buttonwood, Chestnut & West Ferry Street Permits

Priority Order

Permits are issued by the Police Department in the following priority order for an annual fee of $75 per year.  All vehicles using permits must be registered in advance with the Borough Police Department. Permits must be renewed in December each year. The Borough reserves the right to limit the number of parking permits issued for use in the Borough. The permits are limited to passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, passenger vans and pickup trucks only.

  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class C

Class A

Each resident that has an address on Chestnut Street or Buttonwood Street or has driveway access on those streets may receive a resident permit to park on Chestnut Street or Buttonwood Street. Upon submission and verification of proof of residency (i.e., a Pennsylvania driver's license with New Hope Borough address), a permit may be issued. The permit may be used in one of two vehicles registered with the Borough Police Department. 

A vehicle must have a valid registration and current inspection sticker, with proof of insurance. The permit may be used on only one vehicle at a time. (A second permit may be issued to a resident of a Class A domicile, who can show he or she has no available off-street parking.)

West Ferry Street

All current year resident permits for Chestnut Street and Buttonwood Street are valid parking permits for West Ferry Street, between Stockton and Bridge, after 6 p.m. at metered spaces.