Standing Committees & Liaisons

Park & Recreation Board Liaison - Louise Feder

The Park and Recreation Board liaison assists the Board in exercising general oversight of park and recreation activities and issues, as well as the conditions of the Borough's park system including all park facilities.

Shade Tree Commission Liaison - Michele Becci

Shade Tree Commission regulates the planting, removal, and maintenance of street trees located on public streets and highways of the Borough. The Commission reviews applications for the removal and maintenance of street trees to safeguard the continued value to the environment and social contributions gained when trees are well maintained.

Land Use & Historic Preservation Committee

Liaisons include:

  • Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) Liaison - Peter Meyer
  • Zoning Hearing Board Liaison - Louise Feder
  • Planning Commission Liaison - Kelly Whitman

The Land Use and Historic Preservation Committee consists of three members of Council, each assigned as a liaison to a specific board or commission, i.e., the Historical Architectural Review Board, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. The committee presents to Council all land use and historic preservation applications and issues such as pending Zoning Hearing Board appeals, land development applications, subdivision applications, land development waiver applications, proposed land use ordinance and HARB ordinance amendments, and conditional use and special exception applications. The committee may also offer comments and recommendations on such applications to Council.