Aquetong Watershed Association


The Aquetong Watershed Association (AWA) is seeking New Hope residents to join in its efforts to promote and preserve the natural environment and diverse community that is within the Aquetong Watershed. The Watershed has a drainage area of 8.39 square miles and contains approximately 23 miles of stream. About 30% of the watershed, primarily in the upper reaches of Solebury Township, is protected by conservation easements. There are about 3,000 residences and businesses in the Aquetong Watershed.


The Aquetong Watershed Association seeks to:

  • Protect natural resources, restore damaged areas, and promote the preservation of open space within the watershed
  • Encourage the participation of individuals, businesses, and governments in decisions affecting the watershed
  • Provide the community with a greater sense of appreciation for the watershed and the importance of sustainable ecological management

The Association urges all property owners to protect water quality by limiting the application of pesticides and fertilizers used in yard and garden care.

Join Us

Anyone wishing to join this effort or learn more can visit Aquetong Watershed Association website.