Roads and Streets

There are 3 types of roads in New Hope Borough: state roads, borough roads and private roads. Maintenance of the roads includes: line painting, signing, signaling, street sweeping, lighting, paving, plowing, drainage and other maintenance (potholes).
The following roads are state roads, owned and maintained by PennDot:
  • Bridge Street
  • Main Street
  • S. Sugan Road (from W. Mechanics St. Stoney Hill Rd.)
  • State Route 202
  • Stoney Hill Road (from S. Sugan Rd. to St. Andrews Ct.)
  • Windy Bush Rd.
PennDot can be reached at 610-205-6700.  

Click on the map below to see PennDOT's road designation map.

penn dot map

Borough Roads
The following roads are owned and maintained by the Borough of New Hope:
  • Buttonwood St.
  • Chestnut St.
  • Ferry St.
  • Glen Eagles Dr.
  • Hardy Bush Way
  • Kiltie Dr. 
  • Kingswood Dr.
  • Mechanics St.
  • New St.
  • Old Mill Rd.
  • Old York Rd.
  • Parry St.
  • Randolph St.
  • Riverstone Cir.
  • St. Andrews Ct.
  • Stockton Ave.
  • Stoney Hill Rd.
  • Sugan Rd (from Old York to Rt. 202)
  • Turnberry Wy.
  • Waterloo St.