Shade Tree Commission


  • 6 p.m. during January, February, and October through December;
    6:30 p.m. March through September.
  • 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Borough Hall
    123 New Street
    New Hope, PA 18938


  • Gloria Broeker, Chairperson
  • Frank DeLuca
  • Krayl Funch 

Laurie McHugh, Council Liaison

  • Anita Maximo
  • Robert Margadonna, Alternate 


Shade Tree Commission regulates the planting, removal, and maintenance of street trees located on public streets and highways of the Borough. The Commission reviews applications for the removal and maintenance of street trees to safeguard the continued value to the environment and social contributions gained when trees are well maintained.

View Chapter 52 "Ordinance on Shade Tree".

Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive plant-hopper pest, has overspread eastern and southeastern Pennsylvania, prompting the Pa. Department of Agriculture to impose a quarantine. The insect is an existential threat to grape vines, stone fruit trees, hardwoods and other plants.

You can learn more about this pest on the Penn State Extension website and from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society website.